Who ‘are’ you? Are you happy and fulfilled, or are you feeling blocked and frustrated?

What is it that wishes to emerge through you, as you? Is your creativity awakened? Can you express yourself authentically and without shame? Are you feeling successful on your own terms, or are you suffering from unmet potential? Are you content, or do you wish to play a larger game? Do you wish to liberate your voice and your story, and so move into your power, potential and uniqueness?

Dr Jones can help. For the benefit of her clients, she brings together decades of interdisciplinary study in creativity and how people learn to empower themselves through self-expression. As a trained Counselor; with a PhD in Transformative Education focused on the benefits of ‘Creativity’; a Masters degree in Yoga Education focused on ‘Transformation’; undergraduate degrees in art, drama and creative writing; and a diploma in ‘Bodywork’, she is uniquely positioned to understand how embodied transformation occurs – creatively, emotionally, cognitively, physiologically, neurologically and energetically. By integrating understandings of human development from the fields of Education, Psychology, Evolutionary Spirituality, the Arts, Creativity, and Feminism, she has created a holistic approach that facilitates self-actualization of mind, body and spirit – a unique system for your personal transformation. With depth and breadth in her understanding of ‘empowerment’, Dr Jones has created a finely tuned, deeply therapeutic methodology for your enrichment. By holding compassionate and stimulating space for you to ‘wake up’, ‘grow up’, ‘clean up’ and ‘show up’ (Welwood, Wilber) through recognising and facing your own unique challenges, or by creating that unique project that will help you be seen and heard, she can help you explore your own story, awareness, meaning, purpose, resilience, and creativity through mindful, expressive self-inquiry. Dr Jones helps you source your voice, your unique self-expression and your deepest creativity. She holds compassionate, private space for you to unblock your power, as you heal, find your voice, develop your technical skills, and create something out of nothing.

Dr Jones' Unique Method

Each client co-creates their own program for self-actualization with Dr Jones. Together, they plan a gentle but inspirational exploration of issues or projects set by the client, using any of the following techniques – which makes the ‘hard work’ of self-inquiry both fun and illuminating, while allowing answers and creative products to emerge naturally and authentically from the subconscious wisdom of the client:

Talk therapy (including Gestalt, Mindfulness CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Response Based Therapy, and Solution-Based Therapy)

Narrative therapy (including sacred autobiography, re-storying, or futurizing)

Art therapy (including visualizations, body maps, mandalas or dream work)

Drama therapy (including voicing, performed poetry or scripted scenes)

Deep relaxation (including mindfulness, meditation, breathwork or somatic awareness)

No previous therapeutic, creative or meditative experience is necessary for you to work successfully with Dr Jones, as ‘Fine Art’ is not the goal – but rather ‘self-awareness’ and ‘empowerment’ – through deep relaxation, introspection and self-expression. What is essential, however, is courage and motivation.

The client can chose to be guided by Dr Jones, or can explore personal issues that may be blocking their growth, such as grief, loss, depression, anxiety, inner child work, family of origin issues, trauma (single incident-, attachment-, developmental-, inter-generational, historical), self-regulation, boundaries, abuse, relationship, intimacy, feelings, (shame, anger, love, pleasure, pain, sadness, fear, etc), roles, goals, identity, meaning, values, purpose, body image, feminine or minority empowerment. This is done with the goal of releasing blockages that stand in the way of a fully expressed creativity and self-actualization. Rather like dam-busting, this healing work releases learned, inherited and conditioned obstructions to an innate and natural flow that is uniquely yours.

Please note, however: Dr Jones’ online sessions do NOT address: substance abuse, addictions, eating disorders, gender transition, couples or sex therapy, suicidal ideation, or victim/perpetrator reconciliation or rehabilitation, as these are specialized areas not suited to video counselling. Clients with these challenges need extra care, including in-person support, and possibly a team approach, including medical care where necessary. Dr Jones’ passion is rather to facilitate transformation – by helping individuals explore patterns of thought and behaviour, better manage their own consciousness, find their authentic needs, enliven themselves by finding their own creativity, and empower themselves through self-expressive, voicing exercises.

This work is compassionately and safely held in the comfort of your own home, from anywhere in the world, through a secure video platform, using a tele-health digital link. Clients bring a willingness to explore, a desire to learn, and a commitment to their own personal growth. They work progressively with their own psychic structures, in several creative ways, evolving towards deeper maturation and actualization through self-expression. An open mind, a computer, an email address, and a bank that does e-transfer, is all that is needed. Appointments are made Pacific Standard Time. A free, half-hour, meet-and-greet is scheduled to determine client-counsellor fit, and for Dr Jones to answer any questions regarding her unique method. A minimum of ten x one-hour appointments is then purchased. Payments are made in full, before sessions start, by electronic transfer. Please email Dr Jones to secure your position on her wait-list, and to secure an initial meet and greet appointment.

Dr Jones' Influences


Dr Shaun McNiff (expressive arts therapy)
Dr Peter London (transformative Art)
Dr Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (creativity)
Sir Ken Robinson (creativity)
Dr Rollo May (creativity)



Dr Jack Mezirow (transformative learning)
Dr Abraham Maslow (human motivations/needs, peak experiences)
Dr Daniel Goleman (development of emotional and social intelligence)
Dr Howard Gardner (development of multiple cognitive intelligences)

Dr Robert Kegan (Adult learning and developmental psychology)
Dr Jean Houston (archetypes, human potentials)



Dr Carl Jung (depth psychology, dream work, mythical imagery, art therapy, mandalas, archetypes)
Dr Georg Feuerstein (Yoga Psychology)

Drs Clare Graves/Don Beck (Spiral dynamics, systems theory)
Ken Wilber (Integral psychology; states, stages, lines, and levels of development)

Thomas Hubl (Conscious Healing facilitation of Collective Trauma)



Yogi Amrit Desai (Embodied Yoga Psychology and Philosophy)
Baba Hari Das (Yoga Philosophy)
Paramahansa Yogananda (Yoga Philosophy)
B.K.S. Iyengar (Embodied Yoga Philosophy)
Sadghuru Jaggi Vasu Dev (Yoga Philosophy)
Gangaji (Nondual Advaita)
Andrew Cohen (Evolutionary Spirituality)
Dr Deepak Chopra (Yoga Psychology, Optimal Health)

Dr Marc Gafni (development of a unique evolutionary self)
Barbara Marx Hubbard (conscious evolution)



Dr Carol Gilligan (gendered development through justice and care; “Voice” as power)
Dr Sandra Harding (feminism, ‘standpoint’ location)
Dr Judith Butler (feminism, identity politics, gender)
Dr Dorothy Smith, Dr Sara Ahmed, Dr Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber (questions of power, and research)
Simone de Beauvoir, Betty Frieden, Gloria Steinem, Germaine Greer, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, Chimamande Ngozi Adichie, Malala Yousafzai (feminism, colonialism, object-subject relationships, perspectived story, voice and power, education as ‘empowerment’. )

Dr Jones' Integrated Approach

Dr Jones has a deep respect for the ancient practices of wisdom predating any contemporary therapeutic practices by thousands of years. Her unique model for counselling draws on ‘personality constructs’ from other cultures too:

“I incorporate into my counselling what I have learned from other traditions, including my research on transformative arts practices amongst ancient Indigenous cultures in Africa and Canada. I also draw heavily on the great wisdom traditions of India and China with their depth-metaphors for optimal health and realisation, that have influenced my understanding of transformation.” In these systems for optimal health, for example, dualistic ‘opposites’ are integrated at various levels. When this work is done internally (on the intra-personal level); in relationships (inter-personal); in the world (extra-personal); and with the divine (trans-personal), wholeness, or “Oneness” can be found, giving rise to ‘flow’, the optimal way of ‘being’ and ‘thriving’ in the world.

The latest neuroscience suggests that balancing brain function by using both our left and right hemispheres, is also helpful for optimal functioning. I therefore combine therapies that use both logic and imagination, to engage the client’s full brain plasticity. I also explore yogic breathwork to balance brain activity, and reduce physiological arousal. My approach is to draw on all I know, but select only those pertinent techniques, that apply to each individual situation. I look forward to co-creation of a program designed for each unique individual wishing to self-actualize in this lifetime. It is my job to hold loving but provocative space for you, while you midwife your own growth, and tap into your innate wisdom, and your amazingly fecund creativity.”


What clients are saying about Dr Adnams Jones individually designed one-to-one counselling sessions :

CM :    Dr Adnams Jones is a powerful beacon of hope after decades-long struggles with dark despair. Sally believes in me! I trust her joyful, compassionate mentorship will guide me to, one day, trust and believe in myself. It is there that I will become peace and joy.

MS :    Dr Adnams Jones has facilitated my healing in her counselling through drawing on both academic research and the ancient principles connecting body, mind and spirit. She has a deeply insightful and inquisitive nature that has enabled me to better understand not only myself but the world around me. I have found tremendous comfort and trust in her ability to guide me through a difficult process towards post-traumatic growth. Her gifts are rare, and her work is impactful.

VF :    Dr Adnams Jones, I wish to thank you so much for propelling my life in a better direction, giving me clarity when I felt lost, and concrete hope while I felt depressed and lonely. You saw how depressed and stuck I was, and with your help I became productive and joyous. I had a reawakening and I got my life back on track. I am able to see more clearly when boundaries are needed, and it was you who noticed my symptoms of ADD and wrote a referral to a psychiatrist dealing with ADD. My managers at work noticed my new enthusiasm and doubled my weekly work days, something I never thought would happen. None of the above would have happened without your wisdom and gentle encouraging smiles. I felt your care and your encouragement each week and looked forward to each session. Now as I exercise once again with my new dog, I will think of you and smile – so many possibilities!                                                                


if you feel you need a caring and safe place,

someone to talk to,

or need emotional or creative support.                                                                    

Together, we can dive deep, and create healing.