Dr Jones’ books document her pioneering research in Creativity and Transformation. She uses both fiction and non-fiction to make the latest understandings in this field accessible to others. Writing and art are part of her own on-going transformative practices.

Art-Making with Refugees and Survivors: Creative and Transformative Responses to Trauma after Natural Disasters, War and other Crisis.

A guide to understanding how we transform through our creativity. This book reveals the principles behind healing trauma through the expressive arts. The latest research and profound stories collected from around the world, including refugee camps, inner-city ghettos & rural villages with survivors of poverty, pandemic, fundamentalism, climate change, genocide & tsunami, where arts projects have been used successfully to build resilience and empower vulnerable people. This book will appeal to all those who have suffered loss and trauma, as well as artists wishing to understand creativity and deepen their practice, and therapists wishing to include expressive arts into their practices. Useful for funders, NGO’s and NPO’s to understand how to allocate funds and build healing creative projects.


Something's Eating Georgia.

As a yoga teacher, Dr Jones has long been concerned with the number of students she has known with body image distortion, including dismorphia, as a result of social pressure from the media. After collaborative research with General Practitioners, and drawing upon statistics from medical journals, this novel was written in response to the Me2 campaign, and was conceived out of concern for our young women, one third of whom are now officially eating disordered.

This humorous and quirky novel reveals how women and girls can love themselves more, heal from spiritual emptiness and build resilience by connecting with their innate creativity. On the advice of her Expressive Arts Therapist, Georgia, a feisty, bright, young blogger and articulate high school graduate interested in cosmology and evolution, turns to writing and art to relieve herself of boredom, meaninglessness and bulimia while on a camping trip with her family. During her stay at a lake in the North American Wilderness, Georgia meets amusing characters, her first love, and even encounters a murder. This engaging book will appeal to all women wishing to heal and empower themselves through the arts, and become free from the pressures of gendered stereotypes.

Available soon.



Creativity : a guide to finding the sweet spot, and staying there.

What is creativity? Who has it? Why should we practice it? How do we source it? Access it? Facilitate it? Assess it? Live it? The best of the latest research on creativity from education, psychology, evolutionary spirituality and neuroaesthetics.

Transformation: the tantra of being and becoming.

What is transformation? Why should we bother with it? An over view of the understandings of ‘evolving identities’, including ancient Eastern approaches, and the newer Western approaches from Education, Psychology, Evolutionary Spirituality and Neurology.


It has been my joy to deliver, or research, transformative creative practices with some pioneering leaders listed below, who are facilitating creative processes in various geographic and therapeutic contexts around the world.

Take a listen to the audio files below that explain some of the research I have done.

Listen to Radio Interview #1
Listen to Radio Interview #2

Other projects include:

• Indigenous totem pole and mask carving with Order of Canada recipient, Simon Charlie, and a group of young survivors of racism, residential school and intergenerational trauma.

• Art as a meditation – workshop for a Peter Levitt retreat, Zen Teacher and poet, at Saltspring Yoga Centre.

Mandala painting in the Jungian depth Psychology tradition, with Dr Susan Breidal and Jane Johnston.

• Tapestry making in South Africa, with survivors of the HIV/AIDS pandemic with Dr Carol Baker Hofmeyr, and the Keiskamma Trust.

• Large-scale, ceramic and glass mosaic installation in Australia, with architect Jane Du Rand.

• Mural painting and musical instrument construction in Refugee camps in the Middle East, with survivors of climate change and ethnic fundamentalism, with Max Levi Frieder, and Artolution.

• Mosaic mural, and urban revitalization installation in Kenya, Rwanda and inner city America, with survivors of poverty, gang violence, addiction and genocide, with Lily Yeh, of the Barefoot Artists Organization.

• Contemplative art and theatre in Sri Lanka with survivors of civil war and tsunami, with Paul Hogan, of the Butterfly Peace Garden

• Ongoing classes in transformative art education at University and College level