Dr Sally Adnams Jones

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Books & Art

I am a therapist who is passionate about human transformation, particularly through creativity.

I counsel, research, write and teach transformation through creative acts. The arts can be used very successfully to wake up, grow up, clean up and show up. They enrich our emotional and social intelligence. I work with others to facilitate their transformation and empowerment through finding their voice. I also maintain my own creative practice.


Art-Making with Refugees and Survivors: Creative and Transformative Responses to Trauma after Natural Disasters, War and other Crisis.

A guide to understanding how we transform through our creativity.

This book, collectively written by experts in the field, reveals the principles behind healing trauma through the expressive arts. The latest research and profound stories collected from around the world, including refugee camps, inner-city ghettos & rural villages with survivors of poverty, pandemic, fundamentalism, climate change, genocide & tsunami, where arts projects have been used successfully to build resilience and empower vulnerable people. This book will appeal to all those who have suffered loss and trauma, as well as artists wishing to understand creativity and deepen their practice, and therapists wishing to include expressive arts into their practices. Useful for funders, NGO’s and NPO’s to understand how to allocate funds and build healing creative projects.

Available now on Amazon, or through my ‘Books’ page.


The first in a trilogy of ‘Dr Orwell’ novels.

What does it mean to show up in a female body in this universe? How can we fully live our evolutionary biology and beyond? As a yoga teacher, Dr Jones has long been concerned with the number of female students she has known with body-image issues, as a result of social media pressure and gender stereotypes, which prevent students reaching their full potentials. After collaborative research with General Practitioners, and drawing upon statistics from medical journals, this novel was conceived out of concern for our young women, one third of whom are now officially eating disordered. This is Dr Jones’s response to the Me2 campaign.

This humorous and quirky tale reveals how women and girls can love themselves more, through understanding their magnificent place in the universe. They can heal from comparative thinking, perfectionism and spiritual emptiness; and build resilience by connecting with their innate creativity. Georgia, the feisty protagonist, who is a bright, young blogger and articulate high school graduate interested in cosmology and evolution, turns to writing and art on the advice of Dr Orwell, her Expressive Arts Therapist, to relieve herself of boredom, meaninglessness and bulimia. While on a camping trip with her family at a lake in the North American Wilderness, Georgia meets amusing characters, her first love, and even encounters a murder. This engaging book will appeal to all women wishing to heal themselves, connect with their creativity, see a bigger picture, and move into their full power and potential.

Available soon.